Hello guys, just started here

Her kan du få hjælp og stille spørgsmål til MySQL/MySQLi!
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Tilmeldt: 13. jan 2018, 17:51

Hello guys, just started here

Indlæg af Bougherara » 13. jan 2018, 18:06

I have my my websites need to use SQL in order for selected people to register and login on my website
just started video course, but got already stack in No 2 video, could open localhost/phpmyadmin
PS/ I have SQL software installed, that all what I got, I heard about some thing called Xampp i do know what it is?
any help to move on?

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Re: Hello guys, just started here

Indlæg af KonnyH » 17. jan 2018, 14:00

Jeg har det samme problem. Kan nogen hjælpe?

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Re: Hello guys, just started here

Indlæg af cristian » 17. jan 2018, 17:19

Can you guys give more information? Examples, errors, installation procedures, configuration and so on.
It is hard to help you atleast for me, if i dont have some insight into what you have done and how your environment is.

What is XAMPP

Though i would not recommend XAMPP to anyone.
I have tried it once, and i found it clonky, it could not what i wanted and so on.

I dont know what skills you have, but installing virtualbox, ubuntu server with the things you need would be
in the long run a much more stable solution and empower you more towards new projects.

I have before offered an out-of-the-box image that could be used like XAMPP but just as a virtual machine
where you also could have multiple domains and subdomains for your sites with local DNS but their was no interest for it.